AIRTEC Motorsport Torque Mount Insert for MQB EA888 (Type A & B)

AIRTEC Motorsport billet dogbone mount insert for MQB EA888.


From £44.05 (inc VAT)
£36.71 (exc VAT)

Technical Data

AIRTEC Motorsport is proud to launch our upgraded torque mount insert for the MQB EA888 platform suitable for track or fast road use.

The issue
The original lower rear torque mount is made of a flexible rubber that features a large void within it. This allows engine movement, which numbs throttle response and gear shifts. The mount also wears over time therefore allowing excess movement, which gradually gets worse.

The solution
Replacing the soft rubber mount with a solid item that does away with the void helps to limit any movement, therefore improving the general driving feel. Gear changes are quicker, throttle response more instant and despite being stiffer, ride quality isn’t sacrificed, introducing no noticeable vibration or road noise.

Unlike other polyurethane options available on the market and will not wear over time.

Please note: The EA888 platform has two different design mounts. Please check which mount you require before purchasing. 


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