Pro Hoses Replacement Hoses for Focus ST225 Gen2 CAIS

Replacement Pro Hoses for the Focus MK2 ST Gen2 CAIS.

Gloss Black, Race Red, Performance Blue normally kept in stock.

Other colour hoses, made to order

Frozen White, Bright Yellow, Grey, Kawasaki Green, Orange,

Purple, Vivid Pink, Nitrous Blue, Ultimate Green, Nitrous Blue

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

From £49.55 (inc VAT)
£41.29 (exc VAT)

Technical Data

Replacement Pro Hoses for the Focus Mk2 ST Gen2 CAIS.

Blue, black, red available from stock. Please allow 3-5 days for custom colours.

Made by Pro Hoses.

Please note: Custom colours are made to order, please expect a 3-5 day delay on custom colours.

Peak show times may be a longer 7-10 day delay.

Available in a variety of colours.

Please Note: Kawasaki Green is a brighter Green than Ultimate Green (FRS Green)

Part no: PH/INDFO17

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