AIRTEC Motorsport Focus RS/ST Mk2 Downpipe Locking Bolts

These bolts feature an effective active mechanical locking system to prevent even a single degree loosening rotation.

Part no: ASEXHDSB1

From £42.94 (inc VAT)
£35.78 (exc VAT)

Technical Data

The most effective active mechanical locking system that prevents even a single degree of loosening rotation to provide significantly more breakaway torque than any other system on the market. The bolts feature a specially machined groove that allow the locking ring to fix them into position so they cannot work loose.

Ideal for exhaust system downpipes as a fit-and-forget option to ensure you never have to worry about blowing exhausts again.

The kit includes everything you need and once fitted, will never work loose due to the locking circlips – but can be removed if required for inspection purposes.

Kit Includes: 

  • 3x Specially Machined Bolts
  • 3x Locking Circlips
  • 3x Lock Rings


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