AIRTEC Motorsport Lower De-Res Pipe for Focus Mk3 ST-D

AIRTEC Motorsport Lower De-Res Pipe for Focus Mk3 ST-D

Designed to increase airflow on the Focus Mk3 ST-D as a replacement of the restrictive standard boost pipe, the AIRTEC Motorsport boost pipe creates a much smoother air flow by replacing the restrictive bends and smaller diameter pipe.

AIRTEC part no: ATMSFO120

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£102.21 (exc VAT)

Technical Data

A direct replacement part that gives increases in response and sound by eliminating the internal sound resonators built into the original boost pipe from the turbo.

The manufacturer fits these resonators to reduce noise and quieten the tone, but by replacing the pipe for one without the baffled internals, flow is improved, as well as noise. This increases throttle response and heightens the soundtrack from within the car.

The pipe is made from high-quality aluminium with a machined connector to fit the original fitting and is finished in powder coated black with a laser-cut plaque. The installation package includes all fixtures and fittings, as well as detailed installation instructions.

With valuable performance gains and an improved soundtrack, the AIRTEC Motorsport de-res pipe kit is an essential modification.


  • Increases response and sound
  • Improves flow from turbo
  • Direct replacement fitment
  • High quality aluminium construction
  • Powder coat black finish
  • Includes all fixtures and fittings
  • Features detailed fitting guide

Registered Design Right number: 6154874


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