AIRTEC Intercooler Upgrade for Honda Civic Type R FK2 – WITH BIG BOOST PIPE Kit

AIRTEC’s huge front mount intercooler upgrade for the new Honda Civic Type R FK2

Dyno proven to show a huge reduction in charge temps over standard

Registered Design Right number: 6022632


From £849.64 (inc VAT)
£708.03 (exc VAT)

Technical Data

Designed to fit all 2015-2017 Honda Civic Type R models, this freer-flowing front mount intercooler set up is a direct replacement for the much smaller and more restrictive OEM set up.

Dyno proven back-to-back testing showed a huge reduction in charge temps over standard (see below).

Despite its much greater surface area and volume, the AIRTEC intercooler upgrade fits neatly behind the original front bumper and requires no additional drilling or cutting.

The comprehensive fitting kit includes silicone hose connectors for an easy fit, all the correct fixings, full instructions and larger diameter boost hoses.

Available in a choice of either natural silver or Pro Series black finishes, with or without the AIRTEC logo.

Test results taken at AmD Rolling Road showing charge temps before and after the OEM intercooler and the AIRTEC upgrade.

Dream Automotive’s FK2 demo car

Run 1
OEM intercooler
IN – 131  OUT – 60

AIRTEC intercooler
IN – 117  OUT – 16

Run 2
OEM intercooler
IN – 134   OUT – 62

AIRTEC intercooler
IN – 107  OUT – 17

Run 3
OEM intercooler
IN – 132  OUT – 58

AIRTEC intercooler
IN – 120  OUT – 18


Height: 370mm
Depth: 60mm/100mm (Stepped design)
Width: 1,000mm (including end tanks)
Outlet size 63mm



  • 60mm to 100mm two-step core design
  • Cast free flowing end tanks
  • Alloy air scoop to help direct air through the core
  • Direct fit, minor trimming needed to under tray
  • Hand crafted big boost pipes


Registered Design Right number: 6022632


AIRTEC part number: ATINTHON02

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