Pro Hoses S1 RS Turbo Silicone Boost Hoses with Dump Valve Outlet

Full set of four quality boost pipes for the S1 RS Turbo.

Made By Pro Hoses

Part no: PH/BOSFO23

From £145.80 (inc VAT)
£121.5 (exc VAT)

Technical Data

Pro Hoses S1 RS Turbo silicone Boost pipes full set of 4 – comes with dump valve outlet and optional dump valve blanking plug if you don’t have dump valve to fit.

Full set of four quality Pro Hoses boost pipes.

Available in a selection of colours only £119.95 full set.

Finish of those new Pro Hoses with a set of 9 chunky 100% stainless steel Jubillee clips for £25.00.

Gloss Black, Race Red, Performance Blue normally kept in stock.

Other colour hoses, made to order

Frozen White, Bright Yellow, Grey, Kawasaki Green, Orange,

Purple, Vivid Pink

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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