Pro Hoses 1.8T Oversized Turbo Intake Hose for Audi A3/TT, Seat Leon, Skoda Octavia VRS and Mk4 Bora/Golf

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Technical Data

Designed to directly replace the OEM pipe, but with an enlarged internal diameter, this silicone hose offers increased flow and capacity.

By reducing restriction within the intake system, air flow improves and potential power increases can be released, which is particularly effective on tuned examples.

Made from high-quality silicone by Pro Hoses, this hose is carefully engineered to be a direct replacement item, which ensures a simple DIY installation process although due to the hose’s enlarged size, the coolant hard pipe closest to the intake must be unbolted from its mount to allow the required clearance. 

Finished in gloss black, the hose is suitable to work with both standard K04 and hybrid K04 turbos with a 51mm inlet.

– Audi A3 1.8TAudi TT 1.8T (Engine code: AUM/AUQ/AWD/AWP/AWU/AWW)   
– Seat Leon Cupra 1.8T (Engine code: AUM/AUQ/AWD/AWP/AWU/AWW)   
– Skoda Octavia VRS 1.8T (Engine code: AUM/AUQ/AWD/AWP/AWU/AWW)   
– VW Bora Mk4 1.8T (Engine code: AUM/AUQ/AWD/AWP/AWU/AWW)   
– VW Golf Mk4 1.8 T (Engine code: AUM/AUQ/AWD/AWP/AWU/AWW)   


  • Enlarged hose for improved air flow
  • High-quality Pro Hoses silicone construction
  • Overall increase in internal volume
  • Direct replacement for simple DIY installation
  • Enhanced induction sound
  • Gloss black finish 

Please note:
One of the breather take-offs may not be required for certain AUM code engines and will require blanking. 




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