AIRTEC Induction Kit with Cold Feed Scoop for Mk5/6 PD140 & PD170

AS Performance induction kit, fits MK5/6 Golf PD140 & PD170 Diesel.

From £204.75 (inc VAT)
£170.63 (exc VAT)

Technical Data

AS Performance induction kit, fits MK5/6 Gold PD140 & PD170 Diesel.

Enhanced induction sound, great looks and loud recirculation dumpvalve noise on let off.

  • Features.
  • Removes ugly original plastic & restrictive airbox
  • Adds power and torque
  • More responsive and exciting driving experience
  • Enhanced induction sound
  • Powder coated alloy heat-shield
  • Adds style to your engine bay
  • Easy fitting, takes less than 15-20 minutes to install

Conclusion. It’s easy to fit, looks great, sounds even better and doesn’t cost the earth.

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