AIRTEC Motorsport Double Lip Front Splitter for Fiesta ST180

£188.95 (inc VAT)
£157.46 (exc VAT)


Technical Data


Having listened to the feedback from the BRSCC ST240 drivers, we’ve launched our Version 3 splitter that now features a double-lip and profiled upper edge to perfectly meet the lower part of the front bumper, which ensures there is no gap or pocket that allows air to get trapped and create a negative effect.

These are NOT finished in gloss black, come in a black finish, ready to be painted in any colour.

Finished in lightweight but strong GRP material with a gloss gel coat finish, the splitter can be secured in which ever way is preferred, as it comes without any holes pre-drilled.


Unpainted, comes finished in white or black coating.

We HIGHLY recommend these items are fitted by a reputable body shop. Due to the moulding process and hand finishing of GRP parts, there may be some extra surface preparation on some of the items. Please ensure that your body shop has allowed for any extra preparation, tweaking and adjustments often required on GRP parts for a perfect fit before painting. It is important to trial fit all parts before preparation and painting. Once items have been prepared, primed, painted or modified in any way we cannot accept return of any unwanted items. Not all body shops are specialists in fitting GRP body kits and accessories, please ensure they quote accordingly to include any surface prep needed. 

Registered Design Right number: 6049902

Part no: ASDFO19

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