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Why do we ask for Identity Verification?

Over the last few years, E-Commerce has massively grown, seeing a significant increase in online sales, making it a lot easier for fraudsters to discover weaknesses in online ordering.

Fraudsters adapt very swiftly, advancing their capabilities and targeting online transactions more aggressively. In particular fraudsters made greater use of identity theft, and ransom attacks to target businesses and consumers making online transactions. Identity Verification is in place to not only protect us as a business, but to protect you, the consumer.

Faced with the increasing scale of identity fraud, the E-Commerce sector has had to double down on its efforts to ensure transactions are secure and customers are genuine. While also complying with anti-fraud regulations required by our payment gateway Sage-Pay. In many cases, this has meant making greater use of identity verification to authenticate new customers, protect existing customers from account takeovers and prevent fraudulent transactions.

However, retailers must also consider the customer experience. Consumers expect shopping online to be quick, east and secure.

What is Identity Verification?

Identity Verification is the process of checking that person really is who they say they are, to prevent people from committing fraud. In E-Commerce identity verification typically use personal information, such as photo ID or proof of address to check and verify the identity of shoppers.

Why is Identity Verification important for Online Retailers?

The E-Commerce sector is a huge target for fraudsters, who are increasingly using false or stolen identities to target online transactions. Threats include payment card fraud, account takeovers, and email attacks, where fraudsters impersonate retailer messages to access shoppers information. We understand that is it alarming when asked for proof of ID, however, this is solely to protect you and your order from online fraud.

Identity verification is an important part of retailers business in the fight against identity fraud, making it possible to quickly spot and stop fraudsters in there tracks while delivery a quick and professional experience that we are proud to deliver.

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